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About Us



Soy Peggy, enamorada de Bali y de sus Banderas Balinesas.

The Balinese Flags are prominent flags with a long tail in the wind that is held up by a bamboo pole. These flags have long been used in Bali, in important ceremonies and religious events.

In 2006, I discovered the beauty and potential of the Balinese Flags in Bali, and I decided to introduce them in Spain (making some modifications to adapt them to our climate and other needs for optimal use), and that's how I started the business.

When verifying that they had a very good acceptance and with the enthusiasm and drive of my first clients, (who also knew how to identify their decorative, visual and advertising potential). I started to? Plant? my flags in business in Spain.

At first, I only sold them in a variety of colors, but I quickly realized that the option of customization had to be offered so that customers could also show off their logos and image on them.

We look for how to do it and we find vinyl, the material that best empathizes with this flag.

We are a small group of people working to make this advertising, creative and artistic product possible:

Titi and her team in Bali manufacture all our flags in their tailoring shop, there are really genius tailors in Bali , she is one of them.

Paula now based in Galicia, is a fantastic designer and has creative talent, her work is very very important, she merges logos and slogans with flags to make the client adore his product in our flags, no one makes it better than her!

Nisa is the one that makes the work of printing on the flags with vinyl, she is very fast and loves the details and perfection.

Encarna is the coordinator in Spain, she is incredibly organized, determined and fast problem solving

Carlos and its cargo company makes sure the shippings arrive on time to our clients in Spain. Elly coordinates the shippings from Bali abroad.

There are more people involved in the business, to all: thank you so much!. Today i keep on expanding the business and getting inspiration to continue….

There is no fruit in any paradise with better flavour, than the fruit of Persistency.